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A handmade bow that shoots like a rifle.

What Clients Say

I had a great time. I was provided with all the necessary tools and an extremely knowledgeable teacher to create my very own bow that not only can shoot, but it looks beautiful too-and will definitely be considered an heirloom item! My children also made bows last week which has now inspired us in general as well since we are all so proud of our workmanship (even if some were more successful than others). If you're thinking about signing up for another class anytime soon please do—they're fun plus there's always something new everytime around thanks again!"
Wooden Bow

Bow Building Classes, Longbow & Recurve Experts

Kmc archery is an online store and in-person class provider for bow building. We have a wide selection of products for all types of archery including recurve bows, longbows, as well as arrows. 

The kind of archery that will change your life.

We’ll teach you to make your own bow and take home a unique souvenir unlike any other.

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